MEDRIV was founded in October 1989.

To meet the needs of the market for in vitro laboratory diagnostics in the blood gas control and electrolyte control, we started production (according to our own technology), full packages of calibration reagents to all present on the Polish market analyzers (CIBA-Corning 164 series, INSTRUMENTATION LABORATORY IL 1304, ABL Series 330, PLASTOMED 205 and flame photometers Corning 480).

These packages had a high quality, very attractive price and were easily accessible, what in those days made them extremely popular. That has allowed MEDRIV to develop extremely fast, gaining recognition of the diagnostics market.

In 1994, for the first time, we had the honor to supply The Central Quality Research Facility in the Laboratory Diagnostic with ACIDBASAL control materials for the national tests of blood gas analyzers.

This cooperation has continued uninterrupted for 16 years.

New stage of company technological development was the beginning of the production of calibration reagents packages for a new generation of analyzers: Corning 248, 348 and AVL Compact 2, which in 1995 replaced the previous models.

In the 90`s, hospital laboratories were equipped with analyzers for the determination of electrolytes with ion-selective electrodes (Corning 614 series, AVL series: 988, 9180). Again we met the expectations of the market and our long-term customers, by developing new production technology and launching complete packages of reagents for those analyzers.

Since 2005 our products are produced according to ISO 13485/2002 and ISO 9000/2001 standards. From that moment MEDRIV products are affixed with CE marking.

In recent years changes in the public health service, and thus in medical diagnostics, generated new forms of purchase based on public procurement. In this field as well we have succeeded. MEDRIV is chosen by buyers in the vast majority of procurement procedures with its participation.

Currently we offer our customers a full range of services: reagent packages, original spare parts and servicing (inspections, operating and general repairs) done by engineers with almost twenty-years experience. We offer as well very attractive terms for buying, renting or leasing new analyzers of reputable manufacturers.

MEDRIV supplies laboratories in:

We offer new and used or refurbished analyzers with full warranty and flexible financing like credit, leasing etc.

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